Offering Advice on Art Placement

We offer advice on best placement for art hanging

You may have just bought your new favourite piece of art and realised you’re not exactly sure where it would be best displayed in your house. Where your art would be best displayed and what looks good where is what we get asked a lot.

Having been in the art hanging business for over 25 years our teams have developed an eye for artwork and creating spaces where it will be best viewed displayed and work well for your home.

Every time we arrive at your house or business we never start hanging until we have gone over every detail and every piece of artwork thoroughly. We discuss why we think your artwork will look best in a certain spot, which wall it should be hung, constantly making sure this aligns with what you had hoped for your artwork. After finalising where all pieces will be hung and you are happy with the layout we then make sure your pieces are safely hung, all at the right height and securely.

So what are you waiting for?

Dale in our Brisbane office would love to discuss your installation requirements and help you with any queries. Call on (07) 3266 1479 or book online now!