Art Hanging FAQs

Need to know more about what The Art of Hanging does?

Below are our most frequently asked questions, and while we could answer them all individually for you, we thought it would be better to do it at once and simply say YES!

If you require any more information or have any other general inquiries please don’t hesitate to call or email us here and we will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Will you give us advice on where to hang everything and at the right height? YES!

Do you hang on the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast? YES!

Will you hang small job or just one picture? YES!

Can you arrive at 6:30 – 7am on my door step any day of the week? YES!

Do you work every Saturday, all day? YES!

Can I pay by credit card on the day? YES!

Do you bring two men? YES!

Do you hang up high in a stair well? YES!

Can you hang my extremely heavy mirror? YES!

Do you hang things in tiles? YES!

Will you pick up my art, picture or mirror from the shop or gallery or framer? YES!

Are all workers fully insured? YES!

Do you hang rugs? YES!

Do you hang screens? YES!

Do you hang things outside? YES!

Our art has no fixings or wire, do you bring that? YES!

Do you bring ladders and planks? YES!

Will you move my art from one house to another? YES!

Can you pick up from a picture framer or a gallery? YES!

Can you give advice on restoration, Conservation, Picture framing? YES!