Picture Hanging Brisbane

Learn about our Picture Hanging services

To put it simply, whatever you need hung; we will be able to help you!

Whether that is if you’ve just bought a new piece to add to your collection, youre moving house and need your pictures rehung, you have some new family portraits you would like showcased, there is one piece being hung in your office, or there is a mirror you need moved in the house, we can do it all!  

Whether it’s new artwork you need hung or you would like to rehang your current artwork to ensure it is being displayed at its best we will ensure that it is hung at the right height, with the right equipment and most importantly that your artwork is being displayed in the best possible way within your home or business.  

At The Art of Hanging we want to work alongside you through the hanging process. With over 30 years experience our team is able to not only guarantee you get the best service for your hanging needs, but we are able to assist you with every step in the process. Including finding the right spot and height to display the pieces, ensuring that your artwork has been wired properly for hanging. Making sure the correct fixings are used to take the weight of your art, (while leaving you with minimal holes to repair when you leave)

What do we hang?

Dealing with all different kinds of art and artwork, such as large pieces for museums, small family photos, large mirrors and sports memorabilia. We understand that each piece of art needs to be hung in a way that is suited to you. We understand that smaller pieces can be hung in clusters, while larger artwork needs breathing room and can be hung alone. Some art is best showcased from far away or up high, while others are better viewed at close range.  

Whether you need help choosing the right fixings for a heavy mirror, or you want to collect all the family photo frames from around the house and need someone else to do it all for you, then we can help! 

How experienced in art hanging are we?

We have 3 vans on the road, with each van doing 6 – 8 jobs a day from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, doing this for 25 years it is something we are extremely passionate about. We come with years of experience from working with designers, decorators, art gallery owners, home stagers, companies as well as mums & dads. If it goes on the wall we can help you from the front door to the outdoor BBQ area & garage.

Essentially with The Art of Hanging we will cover everything for you, we aim to leave you feeling happy and satisfied with the service we have just delivered while making sure it has been as stress-free for you as possible.